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Easy assembly and durable fit without additional tools

Our smart solution for effective heating is the GC-slide, a special compact heating element for hot runner systems. Unlike conventional clamping mechanisms designed to ensure that coil heaters sit firmly on hot runner nozzles, the GC-slide does not quickly reach its limits.


  • A ready-to-install unit for a continuously perfect fit on the nozzle
  • A long lifespan
  • Easy installation without additional tools
  • Thin-walled design of the complete heating element

The heating element is integrated into the clamping element by being inserted into a thin-walled jacket and supported by slotted ferrules. The ferrules have an inner cone so that the complete component (which is slightly smaller than the nozzle) centres itself and can be easily pushed onto the nozzle. The coiled and pressed heating element ensures optimum heat contact with the nozzle, even if the external radial contact pressure is low. The coiling scheme is precisely designed to suit the specific heat requirements of the hot runner nozzle.