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GC-flange EX

The highest degree of safety

Explosion protected flange heaters are used to heat fluids in areas exposed to explosion hazards. The flange heater consists of tubular heating rods type GC-tube EX, flange plate, cooling section and explosion protected Ex-e terminal box. The GC-tube EX based on our decade approved tubular heating rod (Ø 16 mm) which was consistently enhanced for our GC-flange EX.

The pressure requirements will be fulfilled according PED 2014/68/EU. The requirements for explosive atmosphere will be fulfilled according ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Type-examination tested

  • GC-flange EX TÜV 16 ATEX 182520 X
  • GC-tube EX TÜV 16 ATEX 182521 U