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Quality management

Stability and homogeneous temperatures are among the key requirements in the industrial heating field. Reliable effectiveness and the durability of our heating elements are hereby of central importance. Therefore, GC-heat feels committed to the provision of quality on the highest level. Beyond that, we understand quality as an essential component of our long-standing and long-term planned market success, as well as for the survival of our company. Quality management is therefore an essential task for us as a company and for every single one of our employees.

We strive to achieve the highest degree of quality in every process!

An essential foundation of the quality management system is the observance of applicable international quality standards, in particular the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This standard applies to both our administration and our production facility that manufactures products for the tool heating as well as for the gas and liquid heating areas. In addition to the generally applicable quality standards, we also meet specific customer requirements regarding the manufacturing, the products themselves as well as the delivery. Therefore, the GC-heat quality management system is able to cover all business areas and processes. For the process controlling, GC-heat operates according to the CIP and the zero-error principles. A reporting system hereby acquires and controls all quality relevant processes, identifies quality problems and corrects them in a timely manner. The training and education opportunities, which are available for all our employees are also an important part of the quality management system. The internal measures are supplemented with external audits. The TÜV performs audits on a regular basis. Hereby, our processes are checked for compliance with the respective standards and improvement potentials are examined.