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GC-heat as an employer

What do the packaging of the famous jelly babies, ice-free antennas at the North Pole and a tingling Kölsch (beer) have in common? All of them share an important detail in their complex manufacturing chain and application: Heating elements from GC-heat.

GC-heat stands for more than 65 years of experience as an owner-managed, medium-sized company engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of industrial heating solutions for a broad range of application areas. Hereby, the range of possible applications for our products is as diversified as the customers for whom we manufacture them. From the production and processing of plastic products of all kinds, from chocolate to brake pads or thermal oil systems - GC-heat products are used nearly everywhere. Or simply put, from “the yogurt with the corner” all the way up to the heating of a container ship tank, GC-heat heats things up everywhere.

This is made possible by our 120 staff members and trainees at the Waldbröl site located in the in scenic Oberbergisch area. They are the key to the continued decades-long success story of our company. Their commitment and expertise provide the foundation for innovative products, a dedicated service and a professional consulting from GC-heat.

Because we all share a common goal: providing the best possible solution for our customers - customized and tweaked to the highest degree of perfection.

But why is GC-heat interesting for you in particular?

Because mechanisms such as commonly defined leadership attributes help us to individually tend to each employee, to create an open and positive working atmosphere and to ensure a cooperative interaction between each other as a clear working objective.

Leadership attributes GC-heat

And because a good working environment enhances employee motivation, we invest a great deal of effort to make everyone feel a part of the GC-heat-team and to regard themselves as what they truly are - an essential part of our company. That is why open doors, a comprehensive initiative and empowerment of employees are equally a part of the corporate life, just like the modern, comprehensive interior equipment and an open ear for the needs of our employees.
In our company, all this starts with the first day of training. Through this, everyone has a chance to contribute their individual strengths creatively and constructively.

Because our employees are the most important resource in the company, we do a lot to ensure that the basis of our success remains well founded and strengthened. Advance training in both the professional as well as personal areas are equally a part of what we offer, just as the opportunity to participate in occupational health management measures (for example, through a partnership with a local gym).

It is important that our staff are able to work effectively. Therefore, we regularly invest in the contemporary appearance of our facilities and ergonomic workplaces.

At GC-heat, your future colleagues especially cherish a cooperative environment in a pleasant working atmosphere. This is also achieved through flat hierarchies and short decision paths, which are crucial factors for a better working comfort.

This will give you the opportunity to contribute to the development of GC-heat all the time.

The fact that you, as a performer will receive a secure position in our successful medium-sized company goes without saying.
As an employer, we are continuously aware of our responsibility towards our employees. The appreciation of our employees, a value awareness and clear leadership principles are the cornerstones for a sustainable human resources policy and a performance-oriented corporate culture for us.