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GC-tube hermetic

Hermetic tubular heaters with hermetically sealed connection

Customary tubular heaters have an inner structure made of ceramic material. This material has a tendency to absorb humidity or other substances from the surrounding area. Their silicone seals do not keep the heaters permanently sealed. GC-tube hermetic tubular heaters feature hermetically sealed connections, which durably guarantee protection against intrusion of gases or liquids – even at temperatures of up to 450°C. They enable you to use short heat-up times, even with long storage periods, sporadic use or high air humidity, and they are perfectly suited for global usage – especially in areas with high air humidity.

GC-tube hermetic tubular heaters offer excellent long-term electric insulation parameters and thus enhance the reliability of your machines and equipment. They have a higher life expectancy than customary tubular heaters under these conditions. GC-tube hermetic tubular heaters can be obtained separately or as components of our well-established GC-flange heaters in several dimensions.